From 1999 to 2016: Britney Spears’ MTV VMAs performances ranked

Britney Spears performs onstage during the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards (Picture: WireImage)

Nearly ten years after Britney Spears’ roundly-criticised and shambolic performance of Gimme More at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007, Sunday night saw the pop star make a triumphant return.

Singing her hit single Make Me with a star cameo from rapper G-Eazy, some viewers were left unimpressed by Britney’s decision to mime – but fans loved it, as she looked confident and comfortable on the stage, with some strong dance moves and a bangin’ bod. And, as many viewers pointed out, does anyone expect a live performance from Britney anymore anyway?

So to celebrate her return to the MTV stage, we’ve ranked all six of Brit’s VMAs stage shows…

6. MTV VMAs 2007 – Gimme More:

A truly tragic performance.

It had been massively hyped as her comeback performance, marking the singer’s first broadcast performance since 2004 but Brit looked like she really didn’t want to be there, forgetting the lyrics, her dance moves, and looking incredibly disorientated.

And judging by the reactions of those in the crowd, it was just as obvious to them as it was to viewers.

5. MTV VMAs 2016 – Make Me:

It’s Britney, bitch.

She’s back, following a nine-year break from the VMAs stage, and what a performance it is, featuring just Brit, four dancers, and a rapper.

Yes she might be miming but she looks strong and confident again.

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4. MTV VMAs 1999 – Baby One More Time

Brit’s performance at the annual awards show in 1999 capped off an incredible debut year for the singer, whose debut album has now gone platinum fourteen times.

It’s a sweet yet sincere performance – and it concludes with N’ Sync singing Tearin’ Up My Heart.

3. MTV VMAs 2000 – Satisfaction / Oops I Did Again

She started slow and sweet – and completely covered up – before stripping off her black suit to reveal a nude-coloured bedazzled bodysuit.

Was this a sign of Britney’s more revealing side coming out?

Truly unforgettable.

2. MTV VMAs 2003 – Like A Virgin with Madonna and Christina Aguilera

Ranked one of the VMAs MOST iconic moments of all time, this wasn’t even really Britney’s performance.

Wearing a white wedding dress, she kicked off the song though with her version of Madonna’s Like A Virgin, before being joined by Christina Aguilera.

The pair then stripped off, and were joined by Madge who was promoting her new single Hollywood.

And what came next was arguably one of MTV’s most talked about moments ever.

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1. MTV VMAs 2001 – I’m A Slave 4 U

It opened with Britney in a cage with a live tiger, and then she danced with a python wrapped around her neck.

The definition of iconic? Yup.

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