The Revenant’s Alejandro G Inarritu is over the moon Tom Hardy finally got an Oscar nomination

tomhardyAlejandro G Inarritu thinks it’s about time The Academy recognised the incredible work of Tom Hardy, who has been nominated for his first Oscar for The Revenant.

Speaking exclusively to immediately after discovering The Revenant had garnered 12 nominations, Alejandro said how ‘happy’ he was for Tom after his Best Supporting Actor nod.

‘I think he is so good, he is so good, he’s so sophisticated – few people have that and I knew it,’ said Alejandro.

I wrote it to him, I said, “few people have this sensitivity and the antenna to catch what you do which is so good it’s imperceptible, you are almost invisible. You don’t get the attention and that’s the most difficult thing to do”, and so the fact that the Academy noticed that it gives me hope and I am very, very, very happy for him, he deserves it.’

Alejandro is nominated for Best Director and lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who is currently zero wins after five nominations, will be hoping to make it sixth time lucky on February 28 with his Best Actor nomination.

‘Leo has had many years,’ laughed Alejandro. ‘The body of work shows a lot of integrity and power, and I think the fact that he is nominated is fantastic but the final decision will be on the Academy members.

‘But I think the work he did is absolutely unbelievable.’

The film is based on the true story of Hugh Glass, who was one of the first explorers to visit uncharted American wilderness.

He was attacked by a bear and then stabbed in the back by his expedition team who decided to leave him for dead.

Like all good adventurers though, Hugh remained alive and later made a grueling cross-country trek to get his own back.

As you would.

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