13 film reboots and remakes we’re actually looking forward to

reboots.pngFor years film fans have been wondering: ‘Where have all the original ideas gone?’

Remake after reboot after sequel after retelling appears to be the new norm for Hollywood. Soon we’ll have our third Spider-Man reboot in 15 years and let’s not even talk about the box office disaster that was the recent Fantastic Four flick.

However not all remakes are terrible.

2011’s True Grit proved that not only is the Western still going strong but it can also get Oscar nominations as well, which is obviously super important in Hollywood land.

If you go a few years back again, there was George Clooney and Brad Pitt’s heist movie remake of Ocean’s Eleven that also more than stands up to the Rat Pack’s original.

The Thing, 21 Jump Street, Some Like It Hot, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…

All stellar remakes with box office figures and critical acclaim to boot… so here’s 13 remakes that we hope have just as much success.

Full feature on Metro.co.uk.


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